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2006: Jefferson & Franklin

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We're moving!

Here are some pre-closing photos of our new home:

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A genuine English garden... the former occupant is pure Brittania.
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The wallpaper and carpeting should be gone shortly after closing in mid-August.
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The bathroom seen here is the first room slated for renovation (more like a restoration to its 1920s look).
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* * * * *

Meanwhile, earlier this year...

Disney Cruise aboard the Magic, February 2006.
Cruise - Ship.JPG (53078 bytes)

Pop-pop waving from his balcony on the 7th deck.
Cruise - Pop pop.JPG (49702 bytes)

Mommy and Sophia at Alice's tea party.
Cruise - S in Tea Party.JPG (56428 bytes)

Mia looks on as Sophia enjoys a cookie on the pool deck.
Cruise - S and Mia.JPG (62635 bytes)

After realizing he had become a Disney character, Captain Eli signed his autograph book right next to the ship's Captain Thord.
Cruise - Captain Eli.JPG (38926 bytes)

Our cabin.
Cruise - In the room.JPG (44728 bytes)

* * * * *

April 2006: Work it, Babe!
5-06 Sophie in mirror.jpg (47674 bytes)

Eli in his big boy suit.
4-06 Suit.JPG (37175 bytes)

A dad's eye view of Sophia.  The camera melted after taking this picture, and so did Dad.
4-06 Dad's Eye View.JPG (62024 bytes)

Bobbie Kupperstein poses with her copy of the Book of Nathan.  She gave us the original manuscript for our wedding. 
2-06 Bobbie and Book of Nathan.JPG (47946 bytes)

Our visit to the White House on Memorial Day weekend.  Eli got to meet several recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor at the hotel restaurant.
5-06 White House.JPG (96218 bytes)

A split panorama of our July 4th party at the Katzovicz home in Pawtucket, RI.  From the left: Rita, Mrs. Price, Dani, Claudia Vadash, Sue Price, Tali Rasis, Rita Braude, Mr. Price, Karen (with Sophie in her lap), Sam, Eli, Paul Vadash.
7-4-06 Party 1.JPG (60532 bytes)7-4-06 Party 2.JPG (63712 bytes)

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