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Eli: The First Year

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In the beginning...

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Elias Gabriel waving to the camera on September 1, 2000.  He weighed in at 7 lbs 12 oz (3.5 kg), and his height when theoretically standing was 20.5 inches (52 cm).

Karen was a force of nature in the delivery room, although Eli decided to come out through the window instead of the front door.  Meanwhile, the family waited...
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Eli is named after his great-grandmother's sister Edith (nee Albert) Greenberg, and his great-grandmother Gustava (nee Tyber) Fiks.  They are pictured below with Aunt Edith on the left and Savta Guta on the right.
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Daddy was there at 7:22 am to show Eli to the world:
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Here is our hero on September 5 right after arriving home:
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Eli had his bris on September 8, 2000.  Below are some photos from that momentous day:

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Eli with his cousins Alec and Mia:
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Eli and his admiring public:
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On September 23rd, U.S. Congressman Rush Holt came to consult with Eli on matters of foreign policy and the quality of American day care facilities. Eli gave Holt his enthusiastic endorsement for the November reelection campaign, seen showing his trademark "toes up!" in the photograph below.  Congressman Holt happily prevailed in one of the closest races in the year 2000 (perhaps you know of another).  We like to think Eli put him over the top.  See Congressman Holt's site at
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Here is Eli on October 9 when he started to smile and laugh:
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Eli was spotted in early November of 2000 by the paparazzi wearing his custom made tuxedo and Italian sunglasses.  According to court papers filed by the photographer's attorney, Eli yelled, "I said... NO PICTURES!" before spitting up on him and jumping into his limousine.
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Eli ate his first real food on January 6, 2001, with the Nathan grandparents on hand.  Eli was nonchalant about the experience.
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In February 2001, Eli met former basketball star, New Jersey Senator and 2000 Presidential candidate Bill Bradley.  Senator Bradley was stunned when someone in the crowd shouted, "Hey, who's that tall guy with Elias Nathan?"
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On March 24, 2001, Eli met a very proud great-grandfather, Dov Katzovich from Israel.  He talked about how as a Jewish partisan in the woods of Belarus during World War II, he dreamed that he might one day live to see children and grandchildren.   You can see his emotion at having held his first great-grandchild!
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The whole family gathered that weekend.  Pictured below are (top to bottom, left to right): Moshe, Rita, Roy, Stephanie, Mina, Sam, Dov (holding Eli, who was up past his bedtime), Karen, Dani, Tali, Doron, and David.
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Eli gave daddy exclusive rights to photograph him after a bath in June 2001, with the written provision that daddy will not show the photos to his friends when he's a teenager.
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Here is Eli before and after his first haircut on July 7, 2001.  He loved the attention and was grateful that there were no more "pretty little girl" comments!
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Learning to walk at 11 months
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Here's Eli and the 'rents at his first birthday:
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