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Our Family Tree -- continued

Name: Aaron Bragin
Name: Mottel Reuven Bragin
Married: in Kremenchug, Ukraine
Died: in Ukraine
Name: Adele
Name: Louis T. Bragin
A.K.A.: Levi Bregin
Occupation: cabinet maker
Born: 1889 in Nezhin, Ukraine
Married: 5 May 1907 in Philadelphia, USA
Died: 24 Sep 1954 in Philadelphia, USA
Name: Yaakov Rachelson
Name: Chana Rachelson
A.K.A.: Gena Reicherman
Died: in Ukraine
Name: Dvora
Name: Frances Bragin
Occupation: homemaker, lab technician
Born: 2 Sep 1910 in Philadelphia, USA
Name: Hyman A. Nathans
A.K.A.: Chaim Mordzik Nadel
Occupation: ladies' tailor
Born: Sep 1857
Married: 1881
Died: Abt 1933 in Philadelphia, USA
Name: Chana
Died: 1919 in Philadelphia, USA
Name: Minnie Rivka Nathans
A.K.A.: Minnie Nadel, Minnie Nathan
Occupation: homemaker
Born: 1887 in Kaunas, Lithuania
Died: 10 June 1962 in Philadelphia, USA
Name: Sarah Itta Cohen
Occupation: homemaker
Born: Mar 1858
Died: Abt 1931 in Philadelphia, USA


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