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Our Family Tree -- continued

Name: Chaim Alter Tyber
Died: in Poland
Name: Moishe Aron Tyber
Born: Abt 1858 in Gabin, Poland
Married: in Gabin, Poland
Died: 28 Apr 1924 in Lodz, Poland
Name: Jakob Tyber
A.K.A.: Mordechai Tyber
Occupation: executive, officer in Polish army
Born: 19 Feb 1886 in Gabin, Poland
Married: in Poland
Died:4 Jun 1944 in Lodz Ghetto, Poland
Name: Pinchas Lubinsky
Occupation: rabbi
Died: in Gabin, Poland
Name: Golda Lubinsky
Born: in Gabin, Poland
Died: in Poland
Name: Gustava Tyber
A.K.A.: Guta Tyber
Occupation: homemaker, businesswoman
Born: 15 Jul 1915 in Lodz, Poland
Died: 13 Jun 1991 in Tel Aviv, Israel
Name: Lejzor Hendlisz
Occupation: weaver, peddler
Born: Abt 1821
Married: 5 Nov 1841 in Zgierz, Poland
Died: in Poland
Name: Lewek Hendlisz
A.K.A.: Leibel Hendlisz
Occupation: supervisor
Born: Abt 1850
Married: in Poland
Died: Bef 1912 in Poland
Name: Ruchla Arda Plocka
Born: Abt 1823
Died: 20 Oct 1877 in Zgierz, Poland
Name: Roza Hendlisz
A.K.A.: Ruchel Hendlisz
Occupation: homemaker
Born: 20 May 1885 in Poland
Died: 21 May 1944 in Lodz Ghetto, Poland
Name: Hersz Engel
Born: Abt 1821 in Pyzdry, Poland
Married: Abt 1842 in Przedecz, Poland
Died: in Lodz, Poland
Name: Misha Beila Engel
A.K.A.: Beila Michla Engel
Born: Abt 1852 in Przedecz, Poland
Died: 2 Jan 1926 in Lodz, Poland
Name: Ruchel Horowicz
Born: Abt 1825 in Przedecz, Poland
Died: 23 Dec 1870 in Lodz, Poland


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