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Welcome Sophie!

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Our new baby girl is here!  Sophia Dafna was born on Monday, March 29 at 8:25 am.  Karen and Sophie are doing fine. For those of you who knew that Eli wanted to name his little sister Bobo, please be informed that Karen and David outvoted him.

She weighs 8 lbs. 4 oz. (3.75 kg) and is 20.5 inches (53 cm).  Here are some of her first photos...

Meeting Mommy and Daddy:
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Sophie meets her grandmothers (Judy and Rita):
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While Karen and Sophie rest, Sam and Mike congratulate each other for a job well done:
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Here are the cutest mug shots ever recorded:
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Eli met Sophie in her first evening "on the outside":
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She gave him a gift!
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Sophie's Hebrew name will be Dafna Shimona.  She is named after her great-grandmother DORIT Katzovicz (z"l) and her great-grandfather SHIMON Fiks (z"l).

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