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2005: Mickey, Macca, 'Mo

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Sophia's baby naming/first birthday party, March 2005. 
Seated (from the left): Jesse Pazdera, ? Pazdera, Eli, Karen, David, Sophia, Mia, Doron. 
Standing (from left): Uncle Gerry, Nancy Pazdera, Aunt Audrey, John Pazdera, Bubbie, Pop-pop, Aunt Stephanie, Uncle Roy, Uncle Jay, Alec, Aunt Phyllis, Saba, Aunt Mina, Savta, Uncle Moshe, Tali, Dani.
3-05 S's naming.JPG (89067 bytes)

Sophia with her favorite nanny, Gloria Nuñez.
3-05 S & Gloria.JPG (44245 bytes)

Allison Kanter and Eli, April 2005.
4-05 E & Allison.JPG (51396 bytes)

Sophie's first haircut, courtesy of Gloria and her friend Mircea, April 2005.
4-05 First haircut.JPG (50379 bytes)

Disney World, May 2005.  Eli and Karen with Chip (or is it Dale?).
5-05 E, K and Chip.JPG (78589 bytes)

Eli with a Hadrosaur in the Animal Kingdom.
5-05 Eli and Dinosaur.jpg (82684 bytes)

Uncle Dani, Eli and David on the Ferris Wheel at F.A.O. Schwarz in July
7-05 FAO Schwarz.JPG (83594 bytes)

David playing archeologist in a Neanderthal cave in Roc de Marsal (near Carsac, France) in August 2005.  And yes, it was as cool as it sounds!
8-05 RDM 1.JPG (59749 bytes)

David's biggest find... A 70,000 year old stone tool that had been used as a scraper, discarded and then used again to make spear points thousands of years later.   Nearby are bits of reindeer bone that he also uncovered..
8-05 RDM 2.JPG (69518 bytes)

David tries to make his own stone tools.  Many hours and a few scars later, he still couldn't beat the cavemen at their own game.
8-05 RDM 3.JPG (51840 bytes)

Mia and Sophia on the beach in Longport NJ, August 2005.
8-05 S and Mia in Longport.jpg (41244 bytes)

Eli's birthday party in Chuck E. Cheese's, September 2005.
9-05 B-day boy.JPG (63543 bytes)

Eli Headroom on the overhead TV.
9-05 Eli Headroom.JPG (58812 bytes)

Sophia on the Carousel.
9-05 Princess.JPG (80405 bytes)

Bubbie and Pop-pop and their little princess.
9-05 S with J&M.JPG (81085 bytes)

Paul McCartney in concert, September 23, 2005.  This was a highlight of David's life, and Karen had fun, too.  Sir Paul is seen as the white blob in the middle of the stage during one of the curtain calls.  The view was better than it looks.
9-23-05 Bows after First Encore .jpg (56288 bytes)

Halloween 2005
10-05 S Halloween '05.JPG (47979 bytes)

From left: Alex Advani, Calvin Urbansky, Max Urbansky (?), Evan Goldsmith, Renna Goldsmith, Mr. Incredible (Eli), Ryan Rowe, Evan Rowe.
10-05 Halloween '05.JPG (64198 bytes)

Terhune Orchard, Sophie with a "kee-kaa"
10-05 S and Kitty Cat.JPG (81570 bytes)

Eli of the Mounties
10-05 Eli of the Mounties.jpg (99048 bytes)

Alex and Eli with the Snowman that they built all by themselves.   Well, sort of.
12-05 E, Alex and Snowman.JPG (77981 bytes)

Uncle Roy gets fed.
12-05 Roy 1.JPG (38886 bytes)12-05 Roy 2.JPG (40862 bytes)

Eli and David went with Allison and Susan Kanter to the real Sesame Street for a taping on December 7, 2005.
12-7-05 Street sign.JPG (78156 bytes)

Eli, Maria (Sonia Manzano) and David in front of Mr. Hooper's cafe
12-7-05 Eli, Maria, David.JPG (88129 bytes)

Eli gets a hug from ELMO while puppeteer Kevin Clash looks on.
12-7-05 Eli, David, Elmo, Kevin Clash.JPG (92760 bytes)

Abby Kedaby (a new character for the fall of 2006), David, Eli and Grungetta (Oscar the Grouch's girlfriend) sitting on the steps of 123 Sesame Street.   They opened the door... it's just a prop!
12-7-05 Abby, David, Eli, Grundgetta.JPG (77599 bytes)

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